Bridge Valley - the conclusion! :)

  The sun continued to shine for our final day at Bridge Valley Adventure Centre. Despite being  slightly  tired we got stuck into our day. We finished our rotations of Rock climbing, Drift trikes, mountain boards and Laser Tag. Some of us challenged ourselves to a jump off the High Board into the lake. A bit of encouragement was needed to get off the board and into the crystal clear water! 😝 A final play on the Aqua park before we packed up to head home. Thanks again to Andrew for helping us out today, and for Jerry who was able to come and join us for our final day.  We also got to celebrate Isaiah's Birthday - Happy Birthday Zi!

Bridge Valley - Day Two

 The sun is shining again today and we are making the most if al the adventures that Bridge Valley has to offer. We started the day with The Luge, Archery and Shooting, Laser Tag, Drift bikes and Mountain boards. We also got to have some fun on the Aqua Park today - awesome adventure! Thank you to Andrew and Annabel for being our Camp Mum and Dad today! And still enough time for a quick splash!

Bridge Valley Camp 2021 - Day One

The sun was shining as we arrived at Bridge Valley for Day One of our adventure. We started the day with a Top Team type activity. A bit of healthy competition to start off the fun! The girls beat the boys in our ultimate Tug of War competition! We had a go at our first rotation after lunch - Rock Climbing, Archery, Shooting and Laser Tag.         The afternoon was full of water fun as we took to the Hydroslide and had a splash about in the pool.  The children wanted Grant to know exactly how wet the pool was! A big thank you to Fleur for being our Camp Mum for the day! The evening came around rather quickly, and after a few games in the field we had some fun inside before Hot Choccies and off to bed.